The Creative Expression Academy (Takanosu) Access Map

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The Creative Expression Academy Address: 502 Chikusachō Takanosu, Shisō-shi, Hyōgo-ken 671-3212

Directions to the Creative Expression Academy:

By Car
Follow the 2nd map above (google map), or drive to following address:
502 Chikusachō Takanosu, Shisō-shi, Hyōgo-ken 671-3212
Parking is available (see the "P" on the map), and the main building is about a 3 min. walk up the drive from the parking location (follow the black arrows). Instead of using the parking area, students may go up the drive and park above for physically handicapped students. Please note that the driveway to reach the main building is narrow, so drivers of large vehicles may find it difficult to climb.

By Bus (last updated: Jan. 2019)
There is a Shinki bus service available twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please check the schedule (see here) and station sign (see here) carefully, since the bus does not come frequently! The bus station near the Creative Expression Academy is Doi (土井). The fare from Yamasaki (山崎) to Doi is 200 yen for adult fare, and 100 yen for children (ages 1 - primary school students), one-way. From the bus station, it is about a 3 min. walk to the Creative Expression Academy (see the map for the location of the bus station, and the walking route to the academy). The bus can also be used for reaching Once Upon a Time.

By Taxi (last updated: Jan. 2019)
Taxis are available through the Chikusa Taxi Bus service (Tel: 0790-76-2062). Since there is currently just one taxi that services our rural location, you may need to make a reservation. Taxi services may also be unavailable on some days, so please check with the driver before using taxi services!