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Hello! We are the Harunas, an international married couple living in rural Japan.

This is our site, where we share about the countryside, our multicultural family,

what it's like to be an immigrant, Japanese culture, and much more. Please visit

our blog, here. We hope you enjoy!

Storytelling and Soul Sharing

One of our neighbors is in his 90’s, and he continues to surprise us. Sometimes we see him walking around on his roof (doing repairs?), or sweeping leaves off the street that were blown in from a storm. His garden thrives. Certainly there are secrets to be learned from such a man? In Japan, the […]

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How To: DIY Organic Rose Water

(Pictured: a Mr. Lincoln rose in our garden) I grew up surrounded by roses, and when my husband and I moved to the country, I knew that I wanted to grow them. Roses are my favorite flower because of their beauty, scent, and symbolism. I love watching roses bloom, and appreciate that they are a […]

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Tips for Healthy Boundaries: Technology

Living in a different country from the one where I was born means I cannot visit my family or old friends as frequently as I would like. So, I truly appreciate the ability to stay connected using the internet.. can you imagine waiting for handwritten letters to arrive by ship overseas, like in centuries past? […]

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Obon and the Last Hurrah of Summer

It is nearly time for the Obon festival (お盆), or Festival of the Dead. Obon is a holiday season in Japan that began as a Buddhist tradition of honoring one’s family ancestors. My husband and I do not practice Buddhist customs or believe in the spiritualism of Obon. However, the festival is a time of reunion, […]

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Slow Breaths and Fruitful Life

We are ever-so-slowly learning how to garden, and began our first garden this summer. I’m still in awe that we’ve managed to grow anything! Even though I had experience gardening as a kid, it still feels different to take full ownership of one. I decided to start small, by filling in a raised garden bed of […]

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How To Plan A Budget Trip, Part 2

So you’ve already set a budget or had the time-off approved for your dream trip.. but what about saving on all of the “smaller” expenses that add up while traveling? Masashi and I are looking forward to our “bucket-list” trip (see here: how to plan a budget trip).. but this is not our first adventure, […]

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