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    Final Release: Hiragana at Home Part 3!!

    January 7, 2024

    Hi there everyone, we hope that everything is settling in well now that the winter holidays are over!

    We also have an announcement.. Hiragana at Home, Part 3 has released!

    Hiragana at Home is a home education resource that we lovingly created for our own family. As a mother living in Japan and a second-language speaker of Japanese, I longed for a home education resource for exposing young children to Japanese language in a way that was gentle, simple, play-based, and not time-consuming or filled with busy work.

    Whether you live in Japan or overseas, if you want to introduce your preschool-aged (or older) child to hiragana and to teach them the Japanese language from home, this is the program for you. (Adults can also benefit from the extensive song links and book lists!)

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