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    Our International Love Story

    July 31, 2021

    In honor of our 5th wedding anniversary on July 30th, it seems like the perfect opportunity to share our love story with our readers!

    The post below was originally written in February 2017, and appeared at a previous blog that is no longer in use. The title then was “Raindrops and Shared Umbrellas: On an anniversary and the story of a year’s happiness”.

    Now firmly out of “newlywed” territory, I can say that marrying Masashi is something I would choose again and again a thousand times, and all of the challenges we have faced together have made our marriage even stronger and more beautiful than it was in the beginning.

    Our love story is no longer just a story of a year’s happiness, but five years of numerous experiences and emotions, sickness and health, grounded firmly in love.

    I enjoy revisiting what it was like at the beginning, and am thankful for how God brought us together.

    To reminisce with us, please read below!

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