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ワンス アポン ア タイム が2019年9月1日にオープン!

Once Upon a Time opens from September 1st, 2019!

Once Upon A Time Café (3)

Once Upon a Time

住所: 〒671-3212 兵庫県宍粟市千種町鷹巣1120「ワンス アポン ア タイム 」

Address: 1120 Chikusachō Takanosu, Shisō-shi, Hyōgo-ken 671-3212

「ワンス アポン ア タイム」は英会話や表現、創造的な芸術のクラスのための場所です。カフェには小さな図書室と教室がございます。居心地の良い雰囲気で、お好みの本を手に取って頂き、簡単なお飲み物をセルフサービスでお楽しみ頂けます。

Once Upon a Time is a cafe-style community and book space for English conversation, and expression and creative arts classes. It features a small library and classroom, and offers a fairytale-themed atmosphere where you can enjoy self-service beverages with your favorite book.

Library hours: TBD

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森の友達 Forest Friends


Are you interested in giving your children a head-start on learning English, while making friends? Join our "Forest Friends" morning English classes and story-time events for infants and toddlers (ages 0-2 and 3-5) twice a week on weekday mornings. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend with their children. Coming soon..

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英会話カフェ English Café

英会話に触れてみませんか?「ワンス アポン ア タイム」にて、1週間に2回おこなっております。ぜひお越しください!リラックスした雰囲気の中で、英語での表現にチャレンジするお手頃なグループセッションでございます。まもまく公開

Want to improve your English conversation skills? Join us twice a week at Once Upon a Time! We provide affordable group sessions for practicing English expression in a relaxed atmosphere. Coming soon..

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創造的ワークショップCreative Workshops


At our rural countryside location, we provide creative workshops on a variety of topics, including gardening and crafts. We also offer forest hiking events! Experience the beauty of the local art scene and landscape together with friends, or book our space for your next creative event. Coming soon..