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Perhaps you’ve felt that these days, there is less meaningful sharing and interaction between people.. and while there are plenty of celebrities to follow, it can be hard to recognize what a healthy community or family truly looks like when we’re saturated in negativity.

We’ve felt this way too.. and it’s part of why we decided to start a blog.

While we’re not perfect by any means, we feel that opening up about our international family and life in Japan can be a way to share new perspectives with people who like seeing from another point of view. Perhaps those living in similar situations might also enjoy reading and thinking, “me too”!

A little bit about us.. 

We are an international married couple living in Japan. I (Hannah/ はな) am from America, and my husband (Masashi/将資) is Japanese, but also spent time living in Uganda. We met through mutual membership in a large choir through the church we attended while living in Tokyo.. but that’s a story for another time!

After getting married, we initially lived in an itty bitty (but much loved) apartment in Yokohama city, but now reside in a beautiful home in rural Hyogo, surrounded by nature. Our family is a blend of different cultural backgrounds, experiences, and a whole lot of love!

We are creative people! We both enjoy singing, music, art, theatre, and spending time outdoors. I enjoy acting and writing, while Masashi likes composing songs. We sometimes sing together as the duet “Meoto”, and teach vocal workshops. When we’re not working on some creative project, we’re probably doing something else that “brings in the bread”, or busy making our house a home.

While by no means are we experts on marriage or family, this site is a place for stories and discussions about life, collections of ideas, and everything in-between. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our family, and share your thoughts and comments. If you want to follow along at our blog, please also consider becoming a subscriber by filling out the form at the bottom of the page! ♡

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